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Latest news:

[October 1, 2021] Future versions of Aerostack can be found here: (using a new Github organization of repositories).

[July 30, 2020] We are happy to announce the release of Aerostack 4.0 (Auster distribution). Compared to the previous versions, it includes the following main features:

  • New robot behaviors: MPC motion control, improved PID controllers, and new EKF localization.
  • Common interprocess communication: A set of ROS topics for aerial robotics with standard ROS messages for interprocess communication.
  • Meta-control: Flexible execution control system with meta-control.
  • Improved GUI: Improved components for user interface with more robust operation (e.g., behavior trees).
  • New example projects: New Aerostack projects that illustrate how to use the software framework.
  • Agile installation: Agile installation of Aerostack using Docker and apt-get.

[March 5, 2020] We are very proud to announce that our group CVAR (Computer Vision and Aerial Robotics) from the “Universidad Politecnica de Madrid” won the third place of the Grand Challenge in the International Robotic Competition MBZIRC 2020 that took place in February 25, 2020. The Aerostack software framework was successfully used for building the system architecture of aerial robots that participated in the competition as it described in this publication.

Our group CVAR participated as the coordinator of SkyTeam, a combined team that also integrated members from Universidad Pablo Olavide and Poznan University of Technology. The group SkyTeam was in charge of Challenge 1 and Challenge 3. The group French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) was in charge of Challenge 2. Congratulations to all the members of these groups!